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Make sure to join us for the next class, May 16, out at Sky Harbor Airport.  Details will be forthcoming as they become available.

Police Phone Numbers

Emergency Number - 911
Non-Emergency - 602-262-6151 (Crime Stop number)
Information Desk (602) 262-7626 (no reports or dispatch)
Information E-mail Contact (no reports or dispatch)
Police Directory (Various Phone Contacts)

Board of Directors


  • Gary Shiffman - President
  • AJ Marsden- Vice President
  • Victoria Jaquez -Secretary
  • Doreen Byllesby -Treasurer
  • Lisa Hixson -Director at Large
  • Russell Hixson -Director at Large
  • William Byllesby -Director at Large


Crime Prevention Links
  • CAO List
  • Blight
  • Crime
  • Graffiti
  • HAWK Crosswalks
  • Operation Identification
  • Revitalization
  • Senior Fraud Protection
  • Sex Offenders
  • Shopping Carts
  • Zoning
  • PPD Executive Team

    You can view who at the PPD is in charge of what division on their web site. Click here to visit the Executive Team page.

    Continuing Education March 2018 Recap

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    If you missed tonight’s continuing education class for the PCPAAA, you really missed a fabulous presentation!  We had Kirt Messick, Phx. PD forensic artist, tell us what he does and how he does it.  He showed us several composites (pictures he composed from witnesses descriptions) right next to the actual person.  WOW!  He no longer does the drawings by hand but with the use of computer software – consequently allowing him to do his job much quicker and easier, but no less skilled.  He told us how head shape plays such an important part of beginning the process and then how the 4 main components (eyes, nose, & mouth) placement in the head shape really influences the picture.  In addition to drawing from witness descriptions, he also does age progressions (what a person may look like now, several/many years after they were last seen), reconstructions from skulls, post-mortem drawings (cleaning up pictures of an unknown person after death so it is not so shocking), to name just a few.  Thanks again, Kirt, for a really fascinating presentation!




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