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    You can view who at the PPD is in charge of what division on their web site. Click here to visit the Executive Team page.

    Amazing Continuing Education

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    Last night – May 16 – we had an AMAZING continuing education class at Sky Harbor airport.  We 52 people there (WOO HOO!!). Biggest class ever!  We were divided in two groups.  One group went on the bus to tour the perimeter of the airport while the other group had a classroom presentation on the “city” of the airport.  Presentations were given by a member of the Phx PD, the FBI, and a Sky Harbor representative.  It was just amazing how much goes on at our airport.  Did you know that Sky Harbor started out as a favorite destination for stars to fly to to get married quickly!?!  We saw the little chapel on the bus tour, but it is no longer used.  Did you know that NO tax money is used to fund Sky Harbor?!?  We met at the Aviation Administrative building just at the west end of the airport – that meant free parking!   A few people had a little problem finding the place, but all were so very pleased that they attended the class. 


    Our next class is going to be July 11 at police headquarters, 620 W. Washington.  At this time, the topic is scheduled to be the Phx Fire Crisis Response team & Homeland Defense.  Did you know that Phoenix Police have a Homeland Defense department???  We do and you will hear what they do and how it affects you (mostly how it works to keeps things from affecting you!!!). 


    Below is a list of the tentative scheduled dates for CE classes for the  rest of the year:

    ·  July 11th TBD (Possibly Phx Fire Crisis Response)

    ·  Sept 5th TBD

    ·  Oct 24th TBD

    ·  Dec 20th TBD (possibly K-9’s out at the academy at their training yard!!) Please note the change of date from previous listing!!

    We will keep you informed as things become set.  Watch your emails and Facebook for details. 

    Speaking of emails – please go into your email and click that our PCPAAA emails are NOT spam.  I had 170 come back to me as rejected.  Also, if you change your email – and WANT to keep informed of classes/events- be sure to let us know your new email address!!

    We look forward to seeing even more of you at our next classes.  Be sure to invite others to attend the citizens police academy.  The more people who attend, the more support we will have for our very dedicated and wonderful police department!

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